Facebook Zero to Hero

The key to turning things around is your approach. Adopting Facebook as your repeat business channel will force you into some healthy behaviors. But first...

Does your business have a sick Facebook page?

Let’s start with a quick diagnosis and then get right to the prescription.

You probably made some attempt back in November 2015. You posted a picture from your holiday party. You got one ‘like’ from a current employee. And then...crickets. You don’t have the time to figure it all out. It’s hard to even get your logo to look right. You heard it is a great way to get leads and it turned into a low priority item for which you have no time.

If this sounds familiar, consider this process:

Facebook Rescue Kit 1

The overall objective of this step is to set a steady foundation. Engage someone internally and have some accountability. Maybe this is you. Maybe someone in sales. Maybe that’s the same person. Depending on how you value your time, this may be an easy decision to outsource for some help on this step.

Here are your end goals before starting step 2:

  • Establish the proper Facebook for business account.
  • Polish up your logo and cover page photo.
  • Ensure your business information is current and accurate. This includes contact information but also business category, etc..
  • Establish ownership and accountability for login information.
  • Understand who will manage Facebook and for what purpose.

Steps 2 & 3 are presented chronologically to ensure you consider the concepts. In practice, adopting this approach will require that you do both steps concurrently.

Facebook Rescue Kit 2

Once things are looking good, define a project to get as many current customers to like and follow your newly awesome Facebook business page. Consider this a process and not an event. If you are using SMART goals you set a time limit on the project - maybe 3 months.

Send out an email campaign explaining that you’ll be communicating important updates and news to customers through Facebook. This has much more value than ‘Like us on Facebook!’. Make sure they feel they will benefit somehow by following you on Facebook. You need to start adding benefit oriented content - more on that shortly.

Adopt the practice of mentioning your facebook page while speaking to prospects. Even if you don’t connect it may lead to something in the future. Include a link in prospecting emails. “We communicate updates about the X services on our Facebook page” speaks better than “Like us on Facebook!”.

Facebook Rescue Kit 3

Here’s where two awesome things happen.

A) You know your audience.

B) You can promote your best content to similar people on Facebook (Lookalike Audiences)

Quality Content vs. Scheduled Content

Now you know exactly who your audience is when posting to Facebook. It’s much easier to write content for them because you already know them. You know what might be interesting or valuable to them. But before you begin posting...

The first consideration in this step is to ensure the content you post to Facebook is benefit oriented.

Your customers care less about you and more about what you can do for them.

Post about new products or services that you offer that would benefit current customers. Post about new staff members and the qualities they bring to your solutions.

The second consideration is quality over quantity. If posting something valuable can happen once a month, once a month it is. If you have lots of interesting (not to you - interesting to your customers) things going on, post more frequently. Try to avoid posting on a schedule for the sake of publishing something.

Promoting Your Best Content to a Wider Audience.

Facebook allows you to send targeted promotions to Lookalike Audiences. Whaaaaat? That’s right, if you have at least 100 people in your audience, Facebook can help you promote to people that fit a similar profile as your existing customers. There are also a number of other freaky-effective targeting options available to you. Facebook does the prospecting work for you.

But don’t waste your money promoting something that is not proven to be valuable. Here’s where investments in parts 1- 3 pay off. Your properly configured Facebook for Business account will let you see how your audience engaged with your content. If one of your posts got lots of attention from your current customers (measured by views & shares), it’s likely that similar people would find that content interesting as well. 

In conclusion, this approach to reviving your Facebook page forces three great behaviors in your company.  First, it shifts the focus to serving your buyer personas. Second, you promote content that is oriented to benefit those buyer personas. Third, you get some value from Facebook. There is currently no more powerful way to insert your key messaging into the screens that your customers are viewing every day.